An evening outing for Mr.Hubby

Its been 20 days since the day A’sim involved in an accident. Everyday is the same for him lying on the bad waiting for recovering. He used to move all over the place so when things happen, he really need to stay put. Hihi. Its funny to see him complaining about unusual him right now even thought it is hard for me to face it. Damn you lorry driver! Ill keep on cursing you. Mum always said, ini dugaan and pahala yang Allah swt nak bagi. Just redha. So today, i decided to take him out since that the rest are going out for lepak lepak minum petang. Cili merah is the destination. He looks so happy. Am glad that he enjoys the evening outing. Love you Mr.Hubby. Faster cepat sembuh ok.

Shakir is going to Slovakia for 3 month with the Malaysian football team
As usual, A’mmar always the center of attention
With his precious leg. Hahahah
After 2 month, now he’s back! Tomorrow he’ll be going home. 😦
A’sim with his new buddy. Get well soon love


5 thoughts on “An evening outing for Mr.Hubby

  1. Hope A'sim will get well soon…Insya'Allah. Hana dear…you're one strong lady…keep it up….I know it's kinda hard to stay strong always. Salaam to A'sim. You take care too. My prayers and duas are always with you guys.


  2. hana, setuju 100% dgn apa yg diperkatakan oleh ur mom……. hope asim cpt sembuh & krg blh travel2 mcm dulu:)

    *pic2 ko utk entry nie & entry sblm nie lain jer…… makin lawa la…. pic @ make up @ mmg skrg ko dh LBh lawa??? share2 la dgn 'student' ko nie:)


  3. fiena: aku rindu kot traveling ngan A'sim. Sangat tak sabar pls nak tunggu dia sembuh. Pictures nya lain macam mana nye Fiena? Its the same old smelly me. Terima kasih sbb puji aku. Tips dia put away the negative thoughts and always be a positive person.

    nurrill: thanks babe. Rindu Oman pls. Kisses for him..


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