Poor A’mmar

A’mmar been admitted to KPJ SMC due to suspected Rota Virus <– click to know what it is.

The virus attacked him 2 days before he been admitted. At first day, we took him to Klinik Dr. Rosli. Doctor Rahman said if by second day still purging and vomit, A’mmar need to be admitted. Sangat so unexpected that Qaseh (Rinie’s daughter) pun kena admitted due to the same virus. So katil kami side by side. Sangat holiday during the weekend. It is so sad to see him lying down there sangat layu with his hand kene masuk drip. But as a mother i must be strong. Alhamdulillah a’mmar only got admitted for 3 days only. Now he is at home and need to be monitored from time to time.

Babies worst nightmare. Dr.Ling
with his neighbour Qaseh

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