After a long break

My 4th semester have started and the 3rd semester’s result still haven’s release yet. Im so anxious to know about my results. Hope i pass with flying colors. This sem i take 5 freaking psychology subjects.. Killing right? But alhamdulillah last semester i did it.

Mak is not around this few days so A’mmar been taken care by my friend Adila Adam. Lucky me tohave someone who can take care of him. A’mmar seems to enjoy his day with Umar, Jamal, Sofia and Qaseh.

Im so happy to see the kids can get along very well. Rinie kurus sangat. Tapi dia bukan sakit cuma katanye malas makan. Haha. Been there. Dilla masak lunch sangat sedap. Hari-hari Dilla masak macam tu macam belon la diri ini.

Aunty Rinie melayan mereka 3

Qaseh and A’mmar sekain lama tak jumpa.

A’mmar and Sofia during their noon sleep. So cute.

Macam biasa membuli si Jamal.


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