Letter to Mummy.

Last semester, one of my public speaking classmate present on one of the sensitive topic- ABORTION. She delivered her speech very well and beautifully until she touches almost every audience that attended. I even cried especially when she started to read ‘A Letter to Mummy’. Maybe it touches me really WOW because I am a mother. MasyAllah~.

I am only 8mm long, but I have all my organs, I love the sound of your voice, always when i heard it I move my feet.
The sound of your heart beat is my favorite lullaby.
Week two:
Mommy, today i learned how to suck my thumb. If you could see me you would definitely see that I am a baby!
Week tree:
You know what Mommy!, I’m a GIRL! I hope that makes you happy!
I dont like it when you cry, your voice is so sad, it makes me sad too.. and I am crying with you even if you can’t hear me.
Week four:
Mommy! My half has started growing! It is short and nice, but I want more of it!
I spent a lot of practicing, I can turn my legs, move my fingers and toes, stretch my arms and legs, And I am good at it!
Week five:
You went to see doctor to day. Mommy!, he lied to you! He said I am not a baby!, but I AM a baby. Mommy! I AM YOUR BABY! I think, I feel….
Mommy, what is ABORTION?
Week six:
I can hear the doctor again. I dont like him! He seems too cold and heartless.
Something is breaking into my home. The doctor calls it a needle.
Mommy, what is it?.. Its burning!!
Mommy, please stop him!!!
I cant get away from it!! Mommy!!!
Week seven:
Mommy, I am okay. I’m in God’s hand now, he’s holding me.
He told me about abortion..
Why didin’t you want me Mommy?..


5 thoughts on “Letter to Mummy.

  1. Salam

    I enjoy reading your blog. Full of emotions. But this article caught my inner feeling as a man and a father. If i could volunteer, this would be my agenda.

    Keep it up.

    p/s: i think i have just added you on my fb


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