Quicky from HI

Alhamdulillah my hubby dah selamat sampai di boarder Thailand-Laos.He is now in Nongkhai. Esok pagi hubby cross the boarder. Seronok rasanya bila dengar semua nya ok dari dia. He sounds good though. Sedang HI nak update blog, Ayah HI datang tunjuk article from Star newspaper about a father of the national tennis player (Adam) traveled from Petaling Jaya to Laos on his Kawasaki Vulcan 800cc just to give a full support for his son. Sure bangga ayahnya dan anaknya. Terlintas di fikiran HI yang a father sanggup buat anything to their kids, but will the kids do and return the same thing as well?

Today is my 2nd anniversary. HAPPY ANNIVERSARRYYYYY!!! Alhamdulillah its been a super good, fantastic, beautiful 2 years of marriage. Tomorrow is my 25th birthday. Currently am enjoying my 24th to the fullest! =)

Apparently today i claim that my brain is fully functioning and cramp with lots of notes inside. I got 3 final exam paper which are Abnormal Psychology, Group Dynamic and Philosophy. I really hope that i can pass with flying colors. During attempting the questions, something strikes my mind where there was a person said to me ‘harap belajar je lama tapi tak de otak. Bodoh!’. Well thanks! It motivates me to MOVE ON!. Hahahah…

Ok, even though it is my anniversary and i think i should receive a special treat (padahal dah dapat in advance dah), now i need to go out and tapau nasi arab to my parents. Yes maam! On the way. Heheheh

OH! Forgot to tell you that last night, strike sharp 0000hrs, mak, angah, aaron knoed my room door and surprised me with a nice yummy chocolate love shape cake. Terharu pls.


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