Happy 26th Anniversary Mak Ayah

Alhamdulillah, its been a wonderful and beautiful 26 years of marriage. Syukur Alhamdulillah atas kurniaan yang diebri pada mak ayah HI. Sempena anniversary mak ayah, kami sekeluarga keluar makan malam di Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant in Subang Jaya. At the beginning A’sim nak celebrate my birthday and our 2nd anniversary (since he’ll be away for 10 days for Laos bike trip). Tapi memandangkan kami plan nak dinner on the 10th, so we decided to celebrate mum’s and dad’s anniversary as well. Killing 2 birds with one stone.

Azman’s friend from Australia do join us too last night. Aaron aka Harun. It was a nice and wonderful dinner. Actually it is the first time having our Japanese food at different place where we usually had it in Genji Pj Hilton all this while. So you can imagine how hard for me to search a place similar to Genji Pj Hilton. Lucky me because A’sim reminded me about Rakuzen.

I thought the price of the order that we made was like gonna exceed up to RM700.

Apparently after eating like nobody business, the sum total of the dinner was only RM370. Awesome! Definitely this is out new Tenji Pj Hilton. Such a cozy place and the staffs are so nice. Even my dad likes them. Hahaha. Happy Anniversary Mak Ayah. I love you so much.

Right after dinner, me and A’sim to Sunway Pyramid to watch the late night movie- SANTAU!.

I can say that it was one real malay kind of movie. Hasad dengki orang melayu memang power. Bravo to the director.


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