Unusual Questions

Before the Aidiladha break, I received a Sociology assignment. Tasks given were SO unusual things which actually part of them i never done it in my whole life and even some of it i’ve forgot about it. We need to see 11 different lecturer from my department and let them choose one of the eleven task from the unusual tasks list. We need to do it in PUBLIC. Such an embarassing thing to do yet as usual i enjoyed it so much. This is the same lecturer that asked us to do the assignment regarding 48hours without media interactions and changing gender.

The Unusual Questions:
1. do the chicken dance while singing the tune.
2. name 5 different fruits starting with the alphabet P.
3. sing 5 different Christmas carols.
4. Stand on one leg for 30 seconds.
5. help lecturer carry their stuffs to class.
6. spell MISSISSIPPI with your butt.
7. stand on a chair at 10th floor, put right hand on your heart and sing Negaraku.
8. raise your left hand, put you right hand on your heart and recite the Rukun Negara in english or malay.
9. name all the full time lecturers in the ADP Segi College.
10. How many credits do you need to graduate?
11. Rub your tummy and pat you head at the same time.

I had a simple and tiring hari raya haji this year round. Im so happy that Angah is home for raya. On raya day we were at Tanjung Malim and after Asar we traveled back to Kedah. Seriously for the first time we traveled from Kedah to Shah Alam for 9 hours in the car!. That was super tiring.


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