Twilight Saga

Whats so special about New Moon? Dha!, everybody in the world is talking about this movie and tonight is the Unofficial Screening of Twilight Saga: New Moon. Seriously im not into Edward Cullen AT ALL. Or even Jacob. But i read the complete set of the books and obviously i know what the ending. There are 2 more screening in the future (according to the book). Since ive read it, i want to watch the acting process. For those who had no idea what the hack!, well twilight is actually a story about a vampire who fell in love with a normal human being. It is a romantic vampirotic story. Even i feel so sad i cant be part of the one who watch the unofficial screening, i just hope after raya haji i got time to go. And i cant wait for final episode of Nur Kasih this Friday which reminds me on something that happened lately where dia kembali setelah ketiadaannya… =)

Peminat ku: selamat menonton virtual boyfriend mu berlakon and selamat raya haji. =)


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