Cuci Musical Theater

I had such a fun and non-stoping laughing night yesterday! Thanks to the Cuci Musical Theater for making my day. Starring Awie, Ac Mizal, Hans Isaac, Afdlin, Vanida Imran, Adibah Noor, Hairy Othman. Kami gelak sampai kejang la urat pipi ni. A’sim bought a RM153 ticket. Nice sitting and the crowd was like WOW!. Ninie (Dj & Jaie join us. Met Abg Juan and Kak fiza, Nig Baizura, KJ & Nonie (anak Pak Lah), Dato. Mukhriz and many more top artist. VVIP of the night is Raja Muda Perlis and his kerabat. Show started at 8.30pm ended up to 12.30am. We leave Shah Alam right after Maghrib by BIKE. Believe it or not, HUJAN!. Lucky me coz hubby did bring my rain coat. Jaie and Ninie dah phobia dengar bunyi ambulance sebab dia ingat kami you know what. Alhamdulillah selamat semua.

Along the show, we laugh like madness! These 4 main actor really have a chemistry and they did a VERY good job. Sedar tak sedar Cuci Musical Theater teaches us about brotherhood and friendship. Cant believe that Awie can actually be SUPER DUPER cute. Ac Mizal was like so funny. They were so spontanious and they even laughed when they should not to. Kantoi tapi who cares!. Its the Cuci-cuci Services. After the show is over, for the very first time ever since i watch many theater, I que up for the autograph session. Met Uncle Meor. He grab the camera and we took our own sweet nice time taking photos with the performer. Sangat WOW!.

Bravo to the teams and i recommand for those who seems like not wanted to like the theater life or never watch theater before, why dont you give a shot for this one, you will enjoy it!


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