My Weekends.

161009- OPEN HOUSE
Asia is working and my parents were away in Kelantan attending their friend’s kid wedding. No one were there to help me during the day time except Faisal. Tapi tau tau je la kan budak budak mana nak tolong kita sungguh sungguh sangat. Dengan A’mmar lagi, cooking lagi and home deco lagi, memang sangat penat. Lucky me mum’s maid help me out even dia lembab but she can be trusted. I start my home decorating right after solat jumaat sebab A’mmar tidur on that time. Habis carpet bonda semua ku amik. (hoho tq tq). Finally by 5pm semua selesai. Happy sangat rumah cantik.
First guess arrived 8pm sharp. Lepas tu more and more guess coming non stop. Alhamdulillah kenal juga kami dengan neighbour2 kami. Rupa nya one row of mine semua tak bekerja. All suri rumah. We planned to have this jamuan hari raya a week before and we invited through facebook and sms. We only invite our neighbors, my college mates and A’sim friends (uitm & ptd). We cant afford to have more guess sebab takut food tak cukup. That is why we make it as a private thing. InsyAllah ada rezeki kami ajak ramai.
Everything went well till 1130pm. Alhamdulillah semua enjoyed the night. It was layback style, no kerusi meja but semua duduk atas lantai. Sangat santai. Bravo and well done to me and A’sim. Maybe this is going to be the preparation fo A’mmar first year birthday.

Disebabkan last night was a tiring night and day, satu rumah bangun lewat. We planned to go to Bukit Tinggi in the morning. Since that bangun lambat so we decided to clear the house first. After Asar kami bertolak ke Bukit Tinggi, Bentong Pahang. We arrived at 6pm.
RM10 per entry to Berjaya Bukit Tinggi. It was raining heavily but slowly renyai when we arrived at the top. We went to Japanese farm and straight to the town. Tak ramai sangat orang maybe sebab Deepavali and nothing to do there except for those who like peaceful. We had a wonderful dinner at the Italian restaurant. A’mmar behaving very well. He enjoyed the day so much. Tak nangis langsung.

Sunday is always a lazy day for us. I cooked nasi goreng belacan for breakfast. After zohor kami keluar ke rumah Ninie. Its her princesses birthday party. I put on my purple dress, A’mmar in blue top and jeans, A’sim in a red stripe shirt. Susu similac A’mmar dah habis, since that di kedai runcit area rumah no similac, I bought lactogen for A’mmar. Luckily he likes it. The birthday party was fun and memandangkan Ninie memamng Dj radio so bayangkan lah bila dia dapat microphone macam mana. Memang riuh la. The food was superbly yummy!.
Dari ke rumah Ninie kami ke rumah kak Dilla our neighbor. After that Zalekha call and kata lapar. So we meet up at Secret Recipe SACC. Kesian Zalek keje gila gila. After isyak, kami keluar pula ke padang perumahan kami for Platinum Open House. This year lagi proper compare to last time. Sangat ngam! The foods pun sedap sangat sangat. I met more young housewifes and we exchange numbers. Cool!

So there’s my weekend. Bila baca balik macam dasyat havoc semacam and letih je. Letih but syok. Spending time with family memang sangat tak boleh dibandingkan dengan siapa siapa.


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