Portuguese settlement

Currently am in the car heading towards Kuala Selangor to meet A’sim uitm friends (reunion). Stylo kan boleh online while in the car. Haha. There’s this thing call 3g girl!

Yesterday was tiring yet fun day for me. My intercultural communication class arranged a trip to Melacca to visit the Portuguese settlement area. I never know that there’s this place really exist. It is by the sea (that is why the main work for the old Portuguese people is fisherman). It is located slightly near the main center.

It is kind of leisure trip instead of assignment trip. We spent more time on the road compare to only 3 hours in the Portuguese settlement area. 3 buses = 160 student = 2 lecturer.

What I have learn from this field trip is that:
– came to Melacca since 1509 untill today,.
– main forces are fishing but not for now.
– speak 3 languages: English, Porto, Malay
– celebrate 3 main festival. One of them is pesta air.
(can remember the rest of it. Will update after I watch the video that I recorded)

The pity thing about this community is that the kids did not get well education compare to other kids. And the little kids that I met, they were like uneducated at all with the way they think and language that they used. Pity them.

Im starting to get headache sebab jalan pusing pusing. Shall update later.


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