No media interaction for 48 hours!

Just came back from class. Sociology. I presented on chapter 3 and 4. Alhamdulillah everything goes well. This is my 3rd class with Ms. Jamie since i entered Segi College. The thing is, untill today i cant understand why most of the students said that ‘Jamie is so mean’, ‘So unpredictable’, ‘so this and that…’ bla bla bla. She is nice actually and friendly. It is her job and her right to get angry if students did not respect her. Lecturer what!

Ok btw that is not the thing that am referring to my tittle. Ms.Jamie gave us an assignment which we need to write a journal regarding what we felt and so on with NO MEDIA INTERACTION FOR 48 HOURS!. I can imagine myself life without tv. But i surely cant imagine myself A DAY WITHOUT INTERNET! Omg! This is bad! How can i survive without it??

flyers (part of it jugak la kan?)

So the assignment due next week. And all i need just a purely honest 48 hours life with no media interaction. Oh dear, no FACEBOOK!…wish me luck.


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