9 month baby

Pejam celik pejam celik sudah 9 bulan usia A’mmar. Alhamdulillah. Macam macam ragam and kerenah nak kena layan. Yet at the end of the day i really enjoy being a mummy. Mmmg sangat tak de time untuk mende lain sbb concentrate kat A’mmar. Everytime i watch DH&H (channel 733 Astro), most of the time ill cry sbb sangat sangat menyentuh hati and kalbu.

I am still on holiday and masih mengendalikan rumah ku yang macam tongkang pecah tu. Time cuti rasa sangat happy sebab i can wake up and cook breakfast for A’sim. I can spend my time with A’mmar. I manage to come home early before A’sim reach home and more and more pillow talk that both of us did during my break.

I miss my brother so much. Always check out his FB just to keep track. Hahahahahahaha.. Missing you kots! Baik baik ada sbb. Sebab nya nak soh dia beli baju A’mmar online. OMG! sangat cute cute nd cheap! Check out Threadless Kids

ps: Actually im thinking of getting pregnant again. Whats your say?


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