Vroom vroom to Krabi!

It is a life experience that i get. When i tell my friends that im going there as usual the respond will be like ‘Krabi? Bosan la. Been there’ or ‘wow Krabi best best’. Apa pun jenis alasan ku dapat diriku sangat berbeza dari mereka mereka sbbnya kami ke Krabi dengan motorsikal. Total pf 9 big bike with extra 2 pillen convoy to Krabi.

Journey start when i took a FireFly back to Kedah with A’mmar on Thursday evening. A’sim and the rest of the bikers ride from KUL-AOR at 9pm. The next morning the vroom vroom begun. All the bikers gather at Abah’s house. Straight to boarder entering Thailand through WangKelian. Since that A’sim always complaint that there’s no photos of them riding, so i took a position as a photographer with my small digital camera. It was awesome! Rasa macam pro pulak.

Boarder was suckies! Thailand immigration sangat sangat lousy compared to Malaysian immigration yang sangat senang. But what the hack, as long as everything went well so Alhamdulillah. From the boarder, it took around 4 hours to arrive at Krabi. Sangat cantik permandangan sepanjang perjalanan. Paling terkejut is that when we entered the boarder, motorcyclist have an option to wear or not to wear the helmet! Cool!

Krabi was nothing. Me and A’sim spnd ALOT of Baht for tahi massage. Sangat sedap sangat berbaloi sangat murah! We did body scrub as well. We also went to Phi Phi Island for island hoping. Per person it only cost us about 700baht including the lunch. Which kinda cheap to me. I bought one beautiful dress which in KL cost me up to RM90 but in krabi i only bought it at 400baht (rm40).

Lupa nak bagitau yang A’mmar tinggal sama my inlaw while we are away on the bike. Alhamdulillah A’mmar tak meragam langsung. Since that A’mmar now on formula and breast milk, im ok to let him stay with anybody. So we went back to using the same route and on Sunday me and A’mmar balik KL with firefly again.


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