Family Trip

Earlier blog i told that we im going for a family trip to Tasik Banding. Sangat tak rugi pergi sana. The place was very nice and nature is all around you. Highly recommanded for those who need a break and love to enjoy nature. Since that it was a short trip, we did not actually do much activity. All we did was lepak, makan, minum, tido, take photo, gelak2. Even it was a shorty trip yet it was super duper fun!!!!

At the moment (i think forever kot as she wish) I’m not talking to someone anymore and peoples that relate to her. This is what she want and i follow it. Ive apologized and not trying to drag things out, but still no no no. So i take this way, its not easy to fulfills everybody wants. Since that to me what she want is kinda hard for me to do but ill do EXACTLY as what she wanted me to. ‘Leave me, my family, my husband and anyone that relates to me’.

Back to my family thing. This weekend my brother in law will be playing under Malaysian squad vs Manchester United. I am so freaking proud of him. Shakir Ali is no more a lil boy from Kedah that nobody knows. Now, every eyes are looking at him. He is the most youngest striker in the squad. I pray the best for him to perform during this weekend.

In the same time I’m so looking forward for the Krabi trip end of this month insyAllah. We will ride there on his bike. I still figuring out what should i bring and what should i where? I’m so in delima because this gonna be my first time riding on a bike. Imagine with only one box on the bike, WHAT SHOULD I PACK?!?!?!?.. Think think think!!!!


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