Even my assignments is due veryy soon and finals just not so far, yet im so looking forwards for a trip!

Tomorrow, me and family are going to Tasik Banding for 2 days. I search on google to check out the place and it was WOW!. I hope its gonna be the same when im there. Hihihi.

After i come back from this weekend trip, i need to get my persuasive speech and forum done for presentation. Also my assignments due next week. Also meeting clients next week. Omg! Freaking hectic!

Back to the ‘excitement’ thing. This morning A’sim told me that his leave has been APPROVED! He plan to bring me to Krabi for a ride end of this month. I am so so so sooooo excited about it. A’mmar will be staying with his Tok Wan and Mama Tok in Kedah.

Now i need to think of what to bring there since we gonna ride on a bike only. Kene kurangkan baju baju ku. Hmmmm…YEAY!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Excited!

  1. best nyer dpt gi krabi…… jgn lupa sun block & slmt honeymoon utk kali yg ke brapa aku xsure yg penting aku lps bsalin nanti aku nk buat mcm ko gak…. spend time together dgn husband mcm mula2 kahwin hehehehehhe………… aku pun blh jagakan ammar kalau ko percaya:)


  2. mana mana pun tempat kita pegi kita kene enjoy…
    aku sangat looking forward sbb first time nak naik motor travel jauuh ni…
    teruja sangat diriku ok..
    sape kate lepas kawin tak leh ade fun..
    to me sangat sangat fun yang aku dapat after kawin k…


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