A classmate of mine asks me a favor to do a survey regarding “Hijab”. Hijab is tudung. In that survey, the questions are like me knowing about hijab, is it compulsory, what do I think about Malaysian Muslim woman’s that does not wear it and is it that bad on not wearing it and bla bla bla…

Im muslim, Alhamdulillah and I am Malaysian. So as we know covering parts of our body is MESTI but Malaysian can make choices not like in Arab Saudi. I think I am being biased answering those questions. Of course it is a MUST wearing it. Of course HARAM for those not wearing it. But as I look through, is it an subjective issue or not?.

If we refer to suruhan Allah s.w.t as written in Al-Quran, we must. And already stated there the balasannya pada siapa yang melanggar. But then again why do Muslim woman do not want to wear it?.

There’s one question in that survey catch my eyes,

‘some muslim women do not wear Hijab. What do you think?’
-Prefer not answering
-They are not religious Muslim woman
-Wearing a Hijab is out of fashion
-They can show their beauty appearance to male/public
-Its individual choices
-I think they only need to wear after marriage.

I’m not saying this because I wear it or I am good or what so ever. I am writing this is because I just did a survey which caught my mind till now.


5 thoughts on “hijab

  1. na, post tjk mcm nie “xsensitif” ker??? aku cuma tanya jer cz kdg2 aku ader gak idea nk nulis lbh krg mc nie tp tkt penerimaan yg aku trima nanti lain…… the bad side of blogging when people start 2 judge our words…….. need ur advise:)


  2. sensitif bagi sape yang terasa…its up to you babe…thats why you have to understnd that once you register a blog, means that you have any other what to say…its your words..tak yah la mention any name kalau kau takut…basically this is BLOGGING WORLD


  3. tp xsemua org phm psl blogging world……. aper yg kita tulis disalah ertikan…… aku dh ttp blog aku lps kes hari tue….. skrg nie jd takut utk menulis……… thanks 4 ur point…… bsk br nk reply show cause letter tue…. ntah aper nsb aku lps nie:)


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