Selamat hari bapa to my daddies Ibrahim Md Yusof and Md Ali. You guys are such a great dad. Doa akan ku iringkan untuk kalian sampai bila bila InsyAllah.

Tahun ini tahun pertama A’sim menyambut Hari Bapa. I have plan everything 1 week earlier in advance. Me and Ninie kawteam together on making this plan sucess. I told A’sim not to have any plan on Sunday because I wan thim to stay home and celebrate it with us. He agreed.

On the day itself we get ready and went for a breakfast which actually not in the plan because Jaie is still in the blanket!. Ninie text me to delay things out because punya la payah nak kelentong si Jaie ni.

A’mmar with the notty face

A’sim drove the car and keep on asking where are we heading to? I said just drive towards Gelanmarie. Tiba tiba he smile and said WOW!!!! Valkwagon showroom? OMG!!!! Sangat perasan please suami ku ini. I told him just get prepare with your pitching sbb you there will be karaoke session. Muka A’sim terus berubah jadi sangat KETAT!.

Muka ketat yang dalam kebingungan

Sampai je di Holiday Inn Glenmarie i hand him his toiletries bag. Lagi la die cuak. ‘Ala, ni apa plak ni?? Ada sukaneka ke?!’ Semak ok dgn statement suami ku ini. Hahahahahahah. We stood infront of the Andana Spa and i wish him happy fathers day. Dalam masa yang sama Jaie and Ninie menuju ke arah spa and GOTCHA!. Both dad and ayah kene prank ngan wify masing masing.

We left them at the spa and straight for the 2nd agenda at pyramid. Kami buat reservation kat tgif, beli cake, card and plan everything for diorg punya 2nd surprise.

Gossip time

Cards for them

5pm we fetch them at spa and they look so happy. But still more honey…. Diorg mula mengerutkan dahi. Kami makan macam tak penah makan di tgif. And macam biasa tgif akan membuli kaum kaum yang disambut. A’sim kene bagi ucapan which it was so sweet. Jaie kene NYANYI! Sangat funny pls. But yet still sweet.

Muka happy sbb bagi speech je

Jaie the singer

So that was the story. Me and Ninie was so happy to found out the hubbys enjoyed their day. Malam we supposed to have a dinner with ayah but ayah ada function plak. So nak teh tarik pun A’mmar dah sleep. The next day baru kami bawak ayah makan.


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