I Must Go On

Month of May already gonna ended. And my time on spending with A’mmar 24hours also gonna end soon. 1st of June im gonna start my new semester. Its gonna be a short sem. Classes everyday. Assignments, group project, meeting, etc. Back to the normal way where A’mmar need to stay with his Oma and Atok during my absent. Pity him but im lucky because A’mmar been cherish with lots of love by my parents. Alhamdulillah. Im gonna send A’mmar early in the morning and pick him up after clas. Once reach home i need to cook dinner for hubby. THen main main ngan A’mmar and off he go to sleep.

A’mmar is already 6 month 3 weeks. Ya Allah sungguh pantas masa berlalu. A’mmar is active now with his bubbling yang tak henti-henti and God knows what he’s been bubbling about. Favorite thing to do is SHOUT!. At his age supposedly he is able to roll him self BUT not for A’mmar. Dia sangat perasan dia ingat dia dah boleh berdiri. Love to see him when he wakes up. Always i get a most beautiful smile ever. It start of my day. He love camera so much and we love taking his photo. Asal nangis if tunjuk camera, terus A’mmar smile. Cute sangat…

Im gonna miss my everyday with A’mmar once the semester start. But Alhamdulillah my parents is always there with me.


6 thoughts on “I Must Go On

  1. true enuff Sheda. Happy je kalau nampak camera. Even tgh nangis pun kalau kita tunjuk camera or my phone nye camera confirm berhenti nangis and senyum. Pastu sambung nangis balik. Hihi


  2. in the eyes of a MUM, the child never grow up….that's what I see in you and adik and so will you to you children. enjoy every minute of your time together because yyhr grow very fast!


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