Holiday Mood

Semester break just started. One whole month till June am free. But not that free. I have to look after A’mmar, promised A’sim to settle up things about company, promised myself to cook for hubby during my break and macam biasa bila ada kelapangan mula la mencari rezeki.

Me, Alia and Hasbe are now a share partners. We sell tudung muslimah and baju solehah (sopan aa). We started our journy ngan buat mobile (macam org pakistan). We used my parents herrier and bukak bonet and show off our sale there. Location: Car Park Segi College. Fliers kitorg sebarkan di segi students and hi-tech staffs. Ada dapat sambutan and alhamdulillah makcik toke tempat makan kitorg tu bagi kami one space to open our booth. Terima kasih moga bertambah lagi rezeki aunty.

Sepatutnya sekarang kena settle up things for Pulau Kapas getaway. INTAN ada buat retreat so diriku and A’mmar pun join skali. Amazingly masa perut 4 bulan, i was in P.Kapas. And masa perut 5 bulan, i was on the airplane. Now, bila A’mmar 4 bulan, kami naik flight and bila A’mmar 5 bulan kai ke P.Kapas. Maca dah plan kan?.

Everything is about A’mmar. Bag die dah 2 bag dah. Ku and A’sim kongsi 1 bag jek. Seriously no idea what to bring.
-shorts, shirts, topi, kasut, baju tido, air, inflated bathtub, float, LAGI???

Sambil dok A’mmar tido tadi and browsing thru friend’s Facebook, i sms A’sim.

Hana: Sayang, lets book ticket go somewhere for our Honeymoon treat..Nak?
A’sim: Nak pi mana?
Hana: Since I traveled alot, why dont you choose the destination and since you yang swipe nanti kan… i tukang buat booking k..heheheh
A’sim: I teringin nak pi China.
Hana: Lets book! I pun lum sampai sana lagi..
A’sim: Check everything and lemme know..

Wee!!..Holiday!!…Padahal nak pi December. But its better to prepare early kan. So now check check check…

6 thoughts on “Holiday Mood

  1. wah nak pergi China….best time is in May….I wish the best for you two. Mesti yg jadi mangsa keadaan akulah tuuuu. Patutlah nak start formula! Tak ada maknanya…kasi pump! hahahahaha


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