Harus ke ada? Dont you think you will end up being a bias without your knowledge?. Ya to me you will! Because we are human. We have hati dan pereasaan. Once you like that person straight away the top rank the person you will get. Once you hate the person, there you go, the super duper low rank you’ll receive.

Is it a matter at all?. To me no need to evaluate because workingin a group is like something we need to understand each other. Communicate well and mixing up with perfect understanding will end up like a great thing.

But seriously there are people who love to evaluate other person. Its like a happy thing for them. Pity them actually on evaluatin onthers on a piece of paper. Seriously i HATE to evaluate my group mate. If ive done more than them, ill take it as an effort and in a way i help my friend. But if i did less, than i shall follow the crowd. This is what chinese always call the person as KIASU!..


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