My Giving Birth Experience

Since that almost of you asked me about my giving birth experience, this is what am going to share with you..Am not gonna scared you but this is what me myself experienced it ok..
I was at my parent’s house. A’sim just left home to Putrajaya for a meeting riding on his favorite bike. Nothing else to do except to go online. Was chatting with Aunty Nora (nora khatin) my parents’s neighbor. In the same time i planned to go to One Utama with my maid to teman her shopping since that she’s going home at the end of the month. Mak and ayah keluar. So only left me and the maid.
Bila baru siap siap nak mandi, i found out there’s a blood stain on my panty. Like OMG!. I was SO FREAKING HAPPY!!!..why? because i know that the baby is coming very soooooonn…Immediately i called my maid and ask her to go to Aunty Nora that ‘its coming’. Dia plak yang super panic. Hahaha!!!. So i took my very own sweet time continue facebooking with a status ‘Hana says ITS COMING!’ and enjoying my shower. Aunty Nora datang dengan bas skolah die (its a Alphard) siap masuk dalam porch tu macam super emergency la..Hahahaha..I called mak ayah and told them.. The reason i din call A’sim at first because i dunt want to disturb him in the meeting room and nak surprisekan dia when i dah admitted BUT my very lovely parents pi pecah tembelang sama menantu dia. He called me and the conversation goes like this:
Asim: B!, you ok?
Hana: yes i am. baru lepas mandi. (tgh tersengih)
Asim: please say that its coming
Hana: yes love!
Asim: i am so gonna come home now!!!!! you gi smc terus k..i jumpa you sana…apa apa you bagitau i ok…omg!! i nak jadi ayah!!! yahoooo
Parents took me to SMC. Met doctor Siti. She ‘rodok’ (sakit sbb terkejut) me and said ‘baru 2cm…up to you nak terus admit or nak balik dulu (rumah dekat kan). My dad suruh masuk ward. So we asked for single room. Apparently no single room. I duduk sharing for awhile, while waiting for the single room to be available. Finally after memaksa sekalian staff, i got my sweet single room. Nurse pasang the ctg thing on my big cargo and along the time i was like non stop talking. Nana and rinie came to accompany me. Oh ya lupa, before dapat bilik Asim sampai dengan muka super panic die. Hahahaha. Cute tho..Along the way my paintballers came and Liyana Muizz also came. That time round my cargo dah nampak super turun dah.
Nana, Wanie, Tasha, Aini, Locco, Lydia, Asim still in the ward with me. I had my pizza and pepsi (sbb tau time pantang and lepas pantang tak leh minum kan). At this time of point i started to feel the pain. Finally i can feel the contraction that people been talking about. OMG! EXECTLY PERIOD PAIN!. it came like 10 minutes apart. Everybody left only Nana and Asim and me in the room. The pain was like OMG! tak tahan pls. But kuatkan semangat. Nana teman me along the way masa contraction. We asked Asim to sleep sbb nanti in labor room its his turn. I tried to sleep, yet i cant!!
this time the contraction was 5 minutes apart. Menggigil babe!!. If my katil tu boleh bercakap you can ask the katil macam mana ketaq nye daku.. And yet A’sim is still happily asleep..I tak la jerit gila gila..Cuma istighfar banyak banyak and menitiskan air mata suci kalbu ku..Nana saksi everything. I asked for a sleeping injection so i can rest. Instead of i can rest, once i got the jep the baby actively moved!. Amazing ok. Thats the last time i feel the moving. (how i miss it now very muc). Nurse came and check from time to time and not to forget kene rodok sebab nak tengok how many cm open..
The last time ku dirodok dalam ward the nurse did this one trick to me where she said:
nurse: ok hana, jom kite belajar push so lepas ni dalam labor room tak yah belajar dah..
Hana: ok lets do it..
Nurse: to my count 3, 2 ,1 teeeeerrrraaaannn
Hana: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
eeerrrrggghhh ( in the same freaking time i can here my tulang wher it calls THE CROWN is crack…4 tulang crown ku tu terbuka ok so that the baby nye kepala boleh engage and get ready to say hello) – actually i read it from Marriam Stoppard pregnancy book (it helps alot) so i can imagine..
Hana: TIPU! ni bukan soh belakar push..u asked me to open my crown ok!!
nurse: you read alot lets go to the labor room
pushed to the labor theater. I was so happy sbb sangat tak sabar. Laughing gas is my bestfriend. Asim starts his job as a husband n photographer. Pain pain pain but tak nangis k. Siap bergelak lg. My mum arrived half n hour later with ayah. Kitorg siap gelak2 and suprisingly or not i still on facebook to update my status HANA IS STRUGGLING WITH CONTRACTION IN THE LABOR ROOM. Oh ya, the nurse warn me not to drink anymore of air akar kacip fatimah. Hahahaha..
doc Siti arrived. Again kene rodok. Its already 8cm. Doctor said wait a lil bit more. Still on my laughing gas. Asim tak sudah2 buat lawak ngan my mum and i was like artist ok diorg dok snap gambar and video shooting tak berhenti. Well i like it then. Hehehehe.
start pushing..
Doctor: puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuussshhh…good hana…lagi sikit…goood….
Nurse: teerraaan!!! geeerrraaam!! show me how you berak!! show me your geram face
Asim: comon sayang you can do it (with the camera in his hand shooting)
Mak ayah (behind the curtain): push along push!!!
Doctor: ok dah nampak dah kepala dah Hana..push lagi hana goooodd:
Asim: B!!! betul B…the head is there..push sayang push
time ni i was like omg! its coming..i only trust Asim actually sbb psychologically doctor and nurses will do anything so that the baby akan when asim said its there i was macam fuh bersungguh sungguh teran..EXACTLY macam nak buang air yang stok 4 hari tak buang ok…
time ni doctor was still preparing herself with the operation nya baju, boots, glove and rilex laa tak sentuh me…just her words encourage me more
theres a conversation among doctor and nurse and asim..diorg BETTING among them pukul berapa baby keluar…
Nurse 1: jom kite bet baby keluar what time…saya bett before 8am..push hana..good
Nurse 2: eh tak..kejap je lagi ni…teerrraaaann
Doctor: kalau tepat pukul 8am cantik ni nak tulis dalam birth cert
Asim: saya kate 8.08am baby keluar…
the final push was like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh….alhamdulillah..
Mohammad A’mmar Mohammad A’sim
you can view the photos in Finally I am a Mummy now album
**thats a bit of my story..wanted to post it like lama dah but now only ada masa..maybe next post will share with you bout my pantang session for like 44 days ok…

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