How Shall I Begin?

First of all i shall welcome myself to the blogspot (orang lain dah berkurun ada). Thanks to my mum for racunkan diriku untuk memiliki blog sendiri.

I have lots and lots to share with you. Since that i love to post up my updated in facebook (currently the most famouse site), so i dont think there’s a problem on creating a new blog.

On my status at facebook i wrote ‘should i create my own blog?‘ Friends responds are positive and there is one of them said that its fun to have your own blog where you can throw anything there and at the end of the day when you read up again you will end up laughing.. Its a good idea tho.

So here I am. I shall share it with you and hey, to be reminded, blogging is FREE. Its up to me what to write. Ill update more later on ok.



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